All children have the right to protection from violence, exploitation and abuse, but hundreds of children in Iraq and of all social components and age groups, religions and cultures are suffering from daily violence, exploitation and abuse, particularly those affected by armed conflicts and displacement who are exposed to additional risks from loss of one or both parents or family break up.

NIHR notices the urgent need of children through their gazes to the staff of the Organization with contemplation and wish to achieve their needs and distribute aid allocated to them by NIHR, so, Maryam who is standing in the right on the photo signs the indication that her needs are met by NIHR, also Suad, Intisar and Sabiha are looking with high confidence to their requirements to be met.

There are many indications that violence, exploitation and abuse can affect physical and psychological health of children in the short and long term, which weakens their ability to learn and integrate into the society, and affects their transition to adulthood with negative effects later in life.

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