Malnutrition of children, especially at an early age as well as the lack of an integrated nutrition of food containing all the micronutrients of necessary vitamins and minerals, cause to delay mental and physical growth of children, causing many diseases and epidemics.

In this sense NIHR organization found itself bound to contribute to overcoming malnutrition suffered by many children by providing a diet of necessary items needed by children for growing properly, so NIHR contributed in the coverage of 500 students in a school of the education of Kirkuk governorate/ Bajwan area, with integrated food, contains necessary proteins.

The teacher Susan Mohammed (mathematics) and has a service for more than five years, said that children’s good quality healthy nutrition habits has a positive effect on their health and growth properly. That help them to resist many diseases, and move away from dependence on foods of unknown origin and that do not depend on food quality standards that we find spread in local markets.

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