Conflict Overview:

If we go back to back and read the story of Cain and Abel, we will conclude that the conflict haunted the humankind since the beginning of creation as a result of disagreement and discord that results from sources of dispute (information – relationships – values – structure – in addition to interests) due to the lack of suitable analyses to its causes in order to identify its main and sub roots which lead to negative results if they are not referenced to and positive results if were applied to the provision requiring appropriate solutions through the following mechanisms: (dialogue – negotiations – third-party intervention – mediation – litigation – refereeing) and here we see that the history of the conflict is not new in age, where it passes through early and mid-stage and late stage of conflict and this stage represents the arrival of conflict to its peak and then begins to decrease gradually to reach to peace stage and the mechanisms of maintaining it.

And we as humanitarian organization have firm faith in the enjoyment of members of society in living in a secure environment, reigned by respect for human rights and maintaining its dignity and that our Organization has implemented many programs, projects and activities related to peace-building and conflict resolution and management, targeted all segments of society of young people, women and children and to involve leaders and influencers in the community such as clan elders and the clergy and academics of university professors and jurists of lawyers, judges and social workers to reach positive results and with radical solutions to problems that would build a stable and lasting peace among community members in the region.

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