Concept of volunteering

Is the preformed effort by a person with his full will, this effort is non-profit and unprofessional act. It is preformed to for the purpose of helping the others and improving the life of a certain community. This volunteering take different forms and shapes for exchanging services in accordance with the society`s needs, and it is considered to be an initial element in most of the activities and institutions` programs.

Volunteering acts became an essential need in building a community`s foundations, also spreading social bonding among the society members. It is related in every meaning to humanitarian behavior and the good, there is many shapes and forms lay under the meaning of volunteering, like helping the members of a society in social crises and natural disasters without being asked, but as normal react without receiving anything in return.

Why to volunteer?

1-to improve the potentials of individuals; getting experience, learning handcrafts, etc.

2-internal reasons, to have self-respect through sensing the others` needs and helping the community.

3-social reasons, means the others cooperating in improving the society.

4-self-secure reasons, means having satisfaction for offering the humanitarian response for who is in need for this help.

5-ones belief`s-related reasons; applying what a member of a community beliefs in, through embracing helping behavior, and helping  with no return.

6-self-consios; improving the awareness and realizing the community needs, and the organization we belong to.

Rights and commitments of the volunteer:


  1. To be appreciated for his efforts.
  2. To be trained and supervised for best results.
  3. To learn how to improve his potentials.
  4. To be well respected.
  5. To feel that his effort is not lost, because of poor planning.
  6. to be able to ask questions and make suggestions in his helping field.
  7. to be given a certificates prove his effort.


1.to participate in the activitie.

2.to work as a team.

3.respect his colleagues

4.comply to the rules.

5.work with full integrity.

6.make useful and new suggestions.

7.encourge the society to work in the volunteering field.

Positive features of volunteering

-reducing the operating expenses of the organization.

-diverting human energy to improve the community.

-lifts the burden off the social organizations, it is an actual addition to its sources that allows for more expanding in services.

-to have eagerness in preforming, that is what we lack in the paid chore.

-allows for real democratic to be practiced in the society, like allowing to have different job choices, also allows for the volunteer to express his own opinion.

– to make use of the energy of the youth in the society.

-volunteers play an essential role in changing the organizations` programs, in accordance with the needs of the society.

Negative sides of volunteering;

-too much excitement may result in wasting the organizations` resources.

-volunteer`s level of performance may be less than the specialist, since tendency does not mean perfect performance of a work.

-lack of continuity in working with the organization, since the volunteer can quit the work without any commitment to any obligations, also cannot be forced to continue in the work.

-gathering the volunteering and systematic efforts may reduce morale due to the deference in dealing with the staffs, and this results that organization will not accomplish its goals.

-disorder and lack of control within the organization, causing disability in making any progress and evaluating.

The following volunteer Forms and forms of evaluation of volunteers for the National Institute for Human:

Volunteers information form to work with NIHR….Click here

Evaluation form for information of volunteers to work with NIHR….Click here


The volunteering staff working at the National Institute of Human Rights

Among  the most prominent success stories of  the National Institute of Human Rights during its  creative and humanitarian march ,hat it  has collected creative youth  to make groups out of them . These groups are working on  the service of the humanitarian message  achieving   success  by its direct reliance on the youth of both sexes and in all its areas and spaces of  the work  utilizing of their  skills and energies  in  writing new success stories to be added to its prosperous record and swarming with  various humanitarian achievements ..




Training of the youth on  creativity in the volunteer and civil works

The National Institute of Human periodically and continuously trains young people on volunteer and civil works within the local NGOs  in order to  develop  their  capabilities and capacities through training and developing workshops, and the  developed  scientific courses in various fields and  various specialties such as  (the media, Management , humanitarian development , Human relief,  Education and other activities) …



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