From the viewpoint of the application of humanitarian standards and principles that NIHR works in, and in response to the needs of the IDPs (food and NFIs) after an assessment of the most important needs, NIHR and funded by CA have provided food aid on (520) families of IDP families in the governorate of Kirkuk in areas (Al-Quds St. – Tariq Co. -village of Umar Ibn Al-Khattab) containing basic food items (flour – sugar – rice – oil – legumes).

These families were selected according to certain humanitarian standards put out by the donor organization CA in cooperation with NIHR, and these standards that the woman raising her family, the family has an illness case, living in an unfinished structures or tents, and below is evaluation form for families selection according to these standards and a template of distributed food items and its quantity:

click here……Template of distributed food and quantity, and assessment template for families selection


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