Difficult challenges facing displaced families in a number of governorates, namely Nineveh, Anbar, Kirkuk and Salah al-Din, which is represented in the inability to provide them with adequate shelter due to their inability to pay rents, as well as the lack of basic services such as health care and job opportunities to provide them with the needs of daily life, as well as their fear of exploitation and other risks on their children who often marry them early to work and depriving most of them of continuing education.
An opinion poll conducted in those governorates revealed the unwillingness of most of the displaced families to return to their areas of origin for many reasons, including the lack of adequate shelter because their homes were destroyed during armed conflicts and the lack of decent livelihoods, and despite the passage of several years since the liberation of their areas, they lack rehabilitation. Infrastructure and basic services. ( almada paper)
NIHR, which has spared no effort in providing the necessary responses to these families in their areas of displacement since the beginning of displacement and to this day, calls on decision-makers in the federal government and local governments to provide basic services and necessary protection for displaced families, as well as the rapid rehabilitation of infrastructure, services and security in their areas of origin to motivate them to return to it and settle and end their suffering.

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