As part of efforts to counter violent extremism and prevent its spread among members of society, especially adolescents and young adults, and to address the factors and conditions that lead to being affected by its extremist ideologies calling for violence, as well as the risks and challenges facing society, in addition to enabling adolescents and young adults to participate effectively in society.
NIHR carried out a discussion session in February 2023 with the participation of 25 influencers, notables, tribal sheikhs, and decision-makers in government institutions in Daquq district as key players working to support and backing the project staff in all its stages, as well as members of the Committee for Combating Violent Extremism in Kirkuk Governorate participated in the session, during which the most important motives and factors that push adolescents and young adults of both genders to be affected by violent extremist ideologies promoted by armed groups using many factors to attract them were discussed, and systematic plans were drawn up, to counter them and prevent their spread and to sign a memorandum of understanding between the organization and the participants in the session stipulating the continuation of communication, exchange of information and approval to work in all stages of the project.




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