Notables, influencers, tribal sheikhs, and decision-makers in governmental and non-governmental institutions have a key role to play in countering violent extremism and protecting adolescents and young adults of both genders from being influenced by extremism ideology. Involving them in programs and projects aimed at countering violent extremism, and preventing its spread is important and contributes to achieving the desired goals.
Therefore, in February 2023, NIHR held a consultation session with the participation of (25) notables, influencers, tribal sheikhs and decision-makers of government institutions in Hawija district, as well as representatives of the Committee for Countering Violent Extremism in Kirkuk Governorate, extensive discussions and an exchange of views took place on the most important reasons and causes of adolescents and young adults of both genders to be affected by violent extremism ideologies, as well as appropriate mechanisms and ways to prevent its spread. The session resulted in tangible and clear results represented in the signing of a memorandum of understanding for joint work throughout the project life cycle and drawing plans to achieve the highest percentage of expected results.




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