Al-Nawafel Primary School in Al-Akkaika district of Dhi Qar Governorate collapses part of its building only two months after its completion and delivery, and as a result, four engineers affiliated with the Directorate of Education of the province are arrested by a security force accompanied by the Integrity Commission.

بسبب انهيار مدرسة.. النزاهة تعتقل 4 مهندسين بتربية ذي قار – شفق نيوز (

 NIHR expresses its deep concern for the safety of children within educational institutions, as schools are one of the places that achieve security and safety for children, and have turned into a source of danger that threatens their lives due to rampant administrative and financial corruption, and our organization calls on the relevant regulatory authorities to tighten the technical evaluation of school buildings before children go to them, to ensure their safety and preserve their lives.





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