Steps and measures taken by the current Iraqi government are encouraging, albeit relatively, the latest of which was the statements issued by the Minister of Oil stating that the ministry intends to raise gas production in the Siba field of Basra province from 60 to 100 million standard cubic feet per day, and the ministry’s intention to transfer the contract for the development of the Akgas gas field to an alternative Ukrainian company to the South Korean company Kogas.

NIHR considers these measures by government agencies as positive steps to be reckoned with, and at the same time our organization calls on the authorities responsible for concluding contracts with foreign investment companies to ensure that their countries’ records are free of human rights violations, and to emphasize the observance of their procedures regarding environmental protection and non-harm to public health in order to preserve the safety of community members in the areas of operation of these companies.

العراق يعتزم رفع طاقة حقل السيبة للغاز إلى 100 مليون قدم مكعبة يوميا (




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