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NIHR has targeted IDPs located in the adjacent areas of military operations, which is highly dangerous and unsafe in order to relief those families and offer rapid humanitarian response no matter were the circumstances. The targeted areas have witnessed oil wells fires, rise of thick black smoke causing environmental pollution with no guarantees of clearance of IEDs, possibilities of falling of artillery shells, aerial bombardment and the dangers of possible sudden attacks of ISIS gangsters in the area.

After conducting, filed survey on targeted areas, gathering of critical data on necessary needs of families, direct coordination with local authorities, security, tribal leaders and elects of areas has been carried in order to guarantee transparency.  Our NGO has delivered cash money to the IDPs and RIDPs families in Ausaja village of Qayara sub-district .Cash money delivery was conducted at $50 to each family member.  Those families comprise (1716) members.img_2429 img_2553

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