National Institute for Human Rights condemns the suicidal attack that happened nearby Wlat mixed secondary school in Dobbis.
National Institute for Human Rights is one of the civic society organizations that works in Kirkuk province/Iraq, condemn the car bomb sucicdal attack that happened in March 13th 2013 nearby Wlat mixed se e of Kirkuk province’s districts Dibbs. Resulting wounding and inj and (6) members of the school’s teaching staff during practicing their ion in one of the safe education faculty.
condary school in or
uring (106) children own right of educat
The organization confirms its censure to the non-humanitarian act that take place against children, we censure the criminal attacks against educational institutions that children goes to regularly, we confirm that it is a serious violation of the basic principles of child right conviction that have been i
ssued in 1989.
We wish a blistery recovery for the injured and a quick come back to their classes, we summon the Iraqi government to take all the needed steps to apprehend all the offenders and bring them to justice, to sincerely work for preventing such acts in the future, we convene the government to add those offenders to the united nations list of the people who conduct grave violations against children rights.
We request all the parties that the best solution is distancing from racism and violence using and deliberating civically.

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