First story

45 year old Taha Ismael Salih, married, with 5 children who cannot attend schools due to the difficult living circumstances. He was displaced form Al-Anbar governorate  in the early of February 2014. Since the country is struggling with war,  hard living circumstances, and also he does not have scientific certificate  so he is now unemployed. NIHR provided the needed help for him and his family, he expressed his joy for receiving the relief due to his needs for these items, especially with the coming of Winter and cold weather in Iraq, he also added that the received needs were very necessary, and he said that he is unable to provide these needs for his family and he expects for this process to be constant.(his phone number 07810685578).

Second story

55 years old displaced Sarhan Khalaf Mehdi, married with five children, who don’t attend schools because he cannot afford their supplies for schools, he has been displaced from Alanbar governorate since April of this year, he was glad to receive the relief, and he add that the relief he received was a kind of a rescue for him and his family from the freezing winter, since he is living in not qualified building. And he hoped for this process to be constant. (0782278849).

Third story

40 years old Saad Talib Sabah, married with six children. Lives unqualified building in Mansiah\Kirkuk governorate. He expressed his gladness for receiving the relief, for they are in really need for any support for them. And he thanked NIHR and hoped for more in coming days.(07815760799).

forth story

Hameed Abdul-humadi, who is 64 years old and educated, he is unemployed for his age. Displaced from Alanbar governorate. He is married with eight children including three of them are not attending schools, regarding the hard living circumstances, he was glad because he received the relief and he hoped that it would help them to overcome the hard, cold winter months.(07809911893).

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