Children and pupils in primary, middle and secondary schools in Iraq celebrate on 10/12/2022 on the occasion of the start of the new school year 2022-2023, and bells will ring in schools on this beautiful occasion after a high-ranking official in the Ministry of Education confirmed that the current school year will be 100% after Controling Covid-19 epidemic.
With the students returning to their schools and their joy at moving to advanced classes and stages after successfully passing the final exams for the previous academic year, the students begin exchanging stories about the events and circumstances they experienced during the summer vacation, as some of those stories were joyful and enhance self-confidence, which would Enabling them to overcome most of the challenges they face in the educational environment, while the other part of the stories will be painful and negatively affect their psychological state, most of which are caused by multiple events, including the lack of service provision, especially the lack of electricity supply during the summer, which witnessed a sharp rise in temperatures, when It reached more than 50 degrees Celsius without finding solutions to address this problem, despite the availability of material capabilities and human resources in the relevant government institutions, due to wrong policies and rampant administrative corruption. While children face many challenges in their current school stages, teachers and child caregivers play a prominent role in overcoming these challenges and raising education to convincing positive levels.
On this occasion, NIHR congratulates all the children and students, and at the same time recommends the educational bodies, as well as the parents of the students or their care givers, to exert their utmost efforts and take further necessary measures to meet the current difficulties and challenges to raise the level of education in Iraq to its previous era and the great interest with children and students, they are a tool for culture, the prosperity of the country and the development of society.
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