Despite the accountability of Iraqi law for those who commit electronic blackmailing, with penalties of up to seven years in prison, but these cases are continuously increasing, in which women and girls represent 80% of its victims, to become a serious dilemma in a country that is experiencing many crises and problems that cause an increase in divorce and suicide cases among women and girls, as well as some of them fleeing from their families after being subjected to electronic blackmailing for fear of their lives.
In order to expand the scope of treatment and reduce the increase in the phenomenon of electronic extortion, NIHR recommends that ministries and government institutions, in their capacity as concerned with the defense of human rights, and women at the forefront, motivate the women staff members to join the anti-electronic extortion departments of the Ministry of Interior and involve them in training and technical courses to gain capabilities and skills. necessary to confront electronic extortion, as well as our organization recommends female students in the final stages of middle school to enroll in institutions affiliated with the Ministry of Interior to contribute to enhancing the active participation of the female component in protecting society, especially women and girls.





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