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National Institute of Human rights advocates an advocacy campaign to support the handicaps

  • NIHR initiated an advocacy campaign on supporting the handicaps rights by collecting of signatures in order to establish demands that might alleviate the sufferings and eliminate the challenges faced by the community of the handicaps. Also to reactivate their roles in the society as activists in building the new Iraqi society and fulfilling demands of the masses. Every citizen in new democratic Iraq must take a part obtain his rights that are guaranteed by the constitution in regard of freedom of speech, considerably contributing  to decision  making process of public nature .Therefore, each citizen has the right to express opinions and demands of  activation of some of the items that make their role as  significance as those of other nations in realization ,primarily, the public interest and particularly, the interest of the handicaps via granting them their rights stipulated by the international conventions and declaration of the handicaps  according to article (32) of the Iraqi Constitution that stipulates “The State shall care for the handicapped and those with special needs , and shall ensure their rehabilitation in order to reintegrate into society, and this shall be regulated by law.” According to the following points:
  • Formation of a national committee in the House of Representatives that takes care of the handicapped and the disabled to pursue the following tasks :
  • Granting special privileges to the handicapped such as providing housing and means of livelihood.
  • Providing rewarding salaries for those who are totally unable to make their livings.
  • Providing employment for those who are capable of working in a way that suits their disabilities.
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